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FreeInDeed... it's what you're meant to be

We believe we can help everyone reach real freedom by taking action. At the same time, we guide people to understand no action is taken without a purpose, and that purpose is found as we serve others.

Our foundations on everything we do: 

  • Effort

  • Stewardship

  • Strategy

  • Freedom

If we help our society find the tools needed to face our everyday life, it will be equipped to redefine what Freedom means.  The Strategy is easier to develop when there is a clearer purpose. Stewardship comes in handy if we realize what our resources are, and our Effort will be focused and constant if we see that we are closer to our goal day after day.

Working Tools
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Our "E" square

FreeInDeed is a project to help people bring change to themselves, their family, neighbourhood, and ultimately, society. Once our clients can define, or discover a new meaning to Freedom, Strategy, Stewardship, and Effort they will get to start their journey to become FreeInDeed  at their own pace, counting on a team ready to stand by their side and support them to move forward day by day as they have what we call our “E Square” in mind:

  • Expectation: We do things expecting results, because we WILL see results

  • Efficiency: There is no time to waste

  • Endurance: We won’t quit... but we'll probably feel like we wanna

  • Excellence: Our short-term goal for everything we do, and our final result in everything we do

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