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What the Heck Do I Really Want???

Am I the only one confused?

Am I the only one frustrated?

Am I the only one who one day wants to own their own business because someone I follow on social media hit it well off and made it look so easy and then change my mind once I see how hard it truly is?

Am I the only one who now wants a big family just because of some other famous person that's making it look easy to have 8 or 9 little angels?

As I started thinking about my frustrations in life, I figured one out that was quite concerning. I realized one of the reasons why I was perhaps a little bit upset at my wife and not giving the best responses to my children was because I was frustrated. I was frustrated because there were many things in life that I wanted and still had not come through. I wanted to see growth in several areas of my life; always wanted to buy a new car, and now that I had it, I could not stand the payments. I wanted to buy a house, but I just took forever to make a decision and now the markets had skyrocketed an I was not able to get an affordable mortgage. I wanted to be able to go to some nice vacations where everything could be paid off and I would not have to worry about paying back my credit card for four years for the two weeks that I spent at a nice place.

At least that's what I thought I was frustrated about until I sat down one day with pen and paper in hand. I was upset about thinking of the silly occasion, in which a genie comes out of the bottle to ask me for three wishes that he can grant. My first thought was "I'm going to need 100 wishes and that is going to be my first wish". At first I felt rather smart because in my mind, I had just tricked the genie. However, as time went by I started to think about the real reason why I gave that answer: I had no idea what it really wanted. This was quite an epiphany of life for me, and has led me to write this blog today.

I believe one major current problem is that we see everyone reaching for their goals and seeing their dreams come true while ours don't. Comparison thoughts creep in and we begin to go crazy because we don't have that car, the Job of our dreams., the family we always dreamt with, or the relationships we always thought we would have by now. I think we're easily deceived (sometimes even by our own minds) and the overflow of information in the media has the intrinsic ability to keep us focused on the wrong things, to the point where we end up wanting what other people want, and we think we have no light of our own just because we can stop staring at other people shine theirs.

I wonder if I kept staring at other people’s vision so much that I forgot my own. I realized that if I have no place I want to go, then anywhere would be good enough; and to one day be where we want to get to, it is as equally important to understand where we currently are. I see now that it doesn't matter where you are, how old you are, where do you live, what you're background is, what language you speak, and where you come from, we might all suffer from the same thing: We have no idea what we want.

My invitation today is grab a piece of paper and a pen and ask yourself this question: What is it I really want for my family, finances, emotional life, my relationships with others, my faith, my spiritual journey, my career, my health? Take each one of those areas and answer the same question for all of them. I have done this exercise constantly and my life changes every time I do it. It feels different when I wake up in the morning, because now I have a vision. Now I have a goal and I have an objective and purpose in life. Not that I didn't have one before, but life takes a turn as you can see your purpose more clearly every day.

Once I began to answer my own question, I realized I would have an answer now for the genie in the bottle. However, I also found out another truth: I have been equipped and have everything it takes to make it happen myself. I don't need a genie. All I need is the resources, the right people, the right connection, the right time, the right focus, and clear answer to that question that once bothered me so much. What the heck do I really want?

At FreeInDeed, we think this is necessary in order to move forward, and we would love to help you become FreeInDeed... because that is what you're meant to be!

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