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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to My Blog! Freedom is the goal and we should all get there

I found out together is better when we have a goal and can be accountable

People are full of interesting stories that can change your perspective on life for better or for worse. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia; then moved to the US at 19 and then to Canada at 21, I had that... "thing"... where many people around me would like to come and start talking to me. I have always been analytical and even though I usually never looked for these moments, I guess the fact I listened to them made them come back again. Since I was 17, several people from different age groups would open up to me and even thought I was interested in everything they were telling me. I was too shy to ask them to go away and tell them I cared not one bit about what was going on in their world, I thought I had my own struggles to get busy with someone else's. Then I realized they starred at me waiting for some answer I did not have, until I started asking more questions to avoid giving them an answer, but that just kept them going. The only way to silence them was to say something... not even something smart, just something; they would stay still awaiting my response and then it seemed they would listen to what I had to say (for some reason they would listen to me) and with time, that led me to watch what I would say.

I found out later we all have a road to walk, and many of us do it alone. The road is long and it tough, but it is much better if there is someone there to help us, challenge us, and motivate us in the journey.

My point is, I have been listening here and there for now 15 more than years and it occurred to me that perhaps there are many people out there that want to be heard, helped, challenged, and motivated through their journey, and I ended up becoming a good fit for the job. I am starting my journey to help people become FreeInDeed. I believe that is what all of us are meant to be! It is all relatively simple, though not necessarily easy; but things get a bit more clear when we can find a foundation to build our life upon. In my particular case, based on the journey I have shared with others, the foundations I was able to identify to truly live my life are EFFORT, STEWARDSHIP, STRATEGY and FREEDOM. Foundations that may become hard as we walk down the road, but that can also withstand any hardship and that ultimately will make this life worth living. Life should not be survived, it should be lived, and enjoyed to the fullest.

So what now?

I am not exactly sure I know the answer to this question, but I am... I was made to serve, to be a part of something greater than myself, to not live life alone. What's left now is to move forward, to open up a new path for others to walk after. Not to make life easier for the coming generations, but to inspire them to not give up, to make our kids proud, to have the younger generations admire the old ones, to have heroes that are made of flesh and bones, and don't come from a comic book. Now all is left is to walk every day of our lives to become FreeInDeed. I started to care about what people had to say, and now I see I have the opportunity to generate change.

Let us help

Together is better when we have a goal, but sometimes and in all honesty, many live their lives without a goal, without a clear purpose, or even worse, without a clear identity. Reach out and let us help walk with you, find a strategy to reach your goals, build a strategy for your life and encourage you along the way to witness first hand how you become FreeInDeed... because that is what you're meant to be!

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