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Updated: May 17, 2022

After many years of casual conversations with strangers, family members, close and not so close friends, I have sadly seen the consequences we face on a daily basis for not knowing who we are. From being bullied at school, to choosing the wrong career path because it seems to be the trend, we are now fighting virtual giants that pose a threat to finding out who we truly are. It seems it is every other day that a new artist or well known public figure does or say something that makes you wonder if you should change everything in your life to follow the path of such person...

On Mondays you want to be a doctor in Africa; Wednesdays you feel like life would be better if you were the infamous billionaire that can move the markets by tweeting something that challenges the status quo; Fridays you choose to become the super athlete as you sign up for that new plan at the gym that will help you lose 40 pounds... or perhaps 40 dollars, just to start wandering again on Monday.

It is almost like we want to be someone else every day, and at the end of the journey we become no one; like we have lost ourselves trying to become someone other people in another continent could "like" and "follow".

I believe tragedy hits society not only because we easily tend to forget who we are nowadays, but also because we forget who we even want to be. We become shapeshifters that look amazing with every new shape, and perhaps more popular with every change we bring to our wardrobe, as this awesome new persona we create weakens our character, and our great looks, and "likes" on social media don't let us see clearly. We forgot our purpose, our dreams, our goals because we became too distracted wanting to be like this person, or that other one. We forgot where we wanted to get and distraction killed our purpose, so we desperately keep looking for it as we get more frustrated because the more we look the more distant it feels.

May I suggest we stop looking for our calling in life for just a moment and center our attention in remembering who the heck we are... or at least who we would like to be? just because even if you reach your wildest dreams, if you forget who you are, you will be willing to trade your most guarded treasure, just to be able to rediscover who you once were...

It's what you're meant to be...

By Dan Hernandez

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